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The Top Name in Mortgage Technology

Scott Cooley consults in the mortgage technology sector.  
Primary areas include M&A, business strategy and product
opportunities.  With over 25 years in mortgage origination
technology, no one else has more experience.

  • Founded the first loan origination software company in 1982.
  • Worked on over a dozen M&A  projects in the mortgage tech field
  • Independent consulting with no  financial investments/ties within the
    mortgage tech field.

Speaking And Writing

Scott has spoken at virtually every major mortgage trade
conference over the last 15 years.  Whether it's the keynote
speech or a panel session, Scott is available to build entertaining
and compelling speeches on mortgage technology related
topics.  As an independent writer Scott has authored more articles
on mortgage technology than any other.

Flexible Consulting

Sometimes it's just a few hours to review a strategic decision or
several days to review an entire business.  For M&A work, it can
be a few hours each week over many months.   As a speaker, a
flat rate is typical.  Whatever the need and budget, Scott can be
flexible for his clients.
Speaking And Writing
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